A celebration of queer youth!

Republicans unleashed fury after a drag king was in the People's House.

A celebration of queer youth!
In this week's newsletter: A tense few days at the Capitol after someone read a book in the House basement; Politics' real-time effect on LGBTQ+ youth; Queer "insurrectionists" in the Capitol?; A brand new Out of the Closet to win free swag, and last month's winner!


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Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, the national executive director for GLSEN, an LGBTQ+ educators' rights group, came to Arizona to celebrate the state's inaugural LGBTQ+ Youth Day at the Capitol on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of Lizette Trujillo)

YOUTH DAY: Months ago, a cohort of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups in Arizona had an idea: to show queer youth across Arizona that their government is made for them.

Rep. Lorena Austin (D.-Mesa) came up with the idea after students at multiple schools had asked Austin to speak at their Gay-Straight Alliances.

"I think they finally saw someone like them," Austin said yesterday at the Capitol Rose Garden during a press junket to announce the state's first LGBTQ+ Youth Day at the Capitol.

Students from across Arizona's school districts including Tucson, Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa gathered to simply be seen by members of the legislature, especially Republicans who have attempted to limit the rights of trans and nonbinary students in schools.

"Democrats support you," Austin said from the House floor.

But the event was tinged with slight anxiety. The day before, a Capitol insider told LOOKOUT that House Speaker Ben Toma pulled Austin into his office and "yelled at" them for hosting a private event in a meeting room for Drag Story Hour-Arizona. The event only had adults present, and the drag performer Freddy Prinze was dressed in a full glitter and sequined suit.

Toma's outburst on Austin came only after the speaker was called out on X by his congressional challenger, Sen. Anthony Kern (R.-Glendale). The two are running for a devoutly Republican district in the West Valley.

In an announcement on X, Toma said that Democrats would be barred from reserving spaces in the House "until trust is restored." He called drag "perverse," and said Austin misled him.

One House staffer told LOOKOUT that Toma was lying and "saving face." They said that all House members and staff were well aware of the event weeks before it was scheduled. LOOKOUT reached out to Toma's office to ask how he was misled when his office approved the event.

We have not received a response.

WHAT WE’RE KEEPING AN EYE ON: This kind of grandstanding isn't new in politics. And queer communities are often cast as main characters in Arizona's political theatre.

But what makes this newsworthy, at least to us, is how state Rep. Rachel Jones (R.-Tucson) invited an anti-trans leader from the group Gays Against Groomers to sit among the students at yesterday's event.

The Arizona chapter of Gays Against Groomers is run by Robert Wallace, who is seeking a seat on the Fountain Hills City Council. Wallace was also the secretary of the Log Cabin Republics in Phoenix, the organization's largest chapter.

On his campaign website, Wallace says that he is protecting students from the "woke Marxist agenda" inside of schools.

We'd like to do a bit of digging into Wallace. As an openly gay man who is running for office and also running on an anti-trans platform, we feel it's our job to do some backgrounding. If you have any information on Wallace, feel free to reach out by responding back to this email.

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  • ENDORSEMENT: The anti-drag-but-former-friend-of-a-drag-queen Senate Candidate Kari Lake has received an endorsement from Sonny Borelli, who said birth control should be an aspirin "between your knees." The Phoenix New Times
  • QUEER INSURRECTION: Two members of the House LGBTQ+ Legislative Caucus are being accused of "insurrection" after shouting down fellow Rep. Matt Gress (R.-Paradise Valley) for his vote against debating a repeal on the abortion ban. AZ Mirror

  • METHODIST CHANGE: The United Methodist Church repealed a longstanding ban that disallowed LGBTQ+ clergy. The Associated Press
  • ONE IN TEN: More than one in ten LGBTQ+ youth constemplated suicide last year. They cited the state of politics as a significant factor. The Hill
  • KERN, THE HATER: Sen. Anthony Kern, who has introduced and passed multiple anti-LGBTQ+ bills, went on. awhite supremacist's talk show to go on a homophobic screed. Angry White Men


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