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We're not like other news outlets—we provide deep accountability reporting on issues directly effecting the LGBTQ+ community. We do this because we believe communities should have a trusted news source that elevates their voices and experiences.

Your donation keeps LOOKOUT completely free without a paywall and lets us tell the stories other news outlets don't have the ability to tell.

We accept donations of all sizes. For those who want to give a small donation of under $50, feel free to use our tip jar.

Memberships are the best way to make sure that our news outlet stays relevant and free for the community. If you haven't already become a monthly or annual member, visit our page here to subscribe. Members get access to exclusive LOOKOUT swag, invite-only events, and opportunities to help shape the way our news is told.

For those who want to give specific donation amounts to LOOKOUT, we offer the following perks for donations:

Stringer level

$50 to $99

  • LOOKOUT stickers and pins
  • Updates on LOOKOUT’s growth via a bi-monthly insider newsletter. 

Watchdog level

$100 to $249

  • Everything in Stringer, plus:
  • Get your name added to our growing list of donors.
  • Invitations to LOOKOUT community events and listening sessions
  • LOOKOUT swag pack
  • Copies of our quarterly LOOKOUT Magazine mailed directly to you

Investigator level

$250 to $499

  • Everything above, plus:
  • Two tickets to our invite-only annual donor appreciation event, OUTWATCH
  • Exclusive LOOKOUT swag

Scoops level

$500 to $999

  • Everything above, plus:
  • One additional ticket to OUTWATCH, for a total of three invites
  • Recognition in our quarterly Magazine on our donor page
  • Coffee with LOOKOUT’s Editor in Chief and/or Executive Director

If you would like to donate $1,000 or more, we have the Triangle Alliance membership for people committed to large individual donations over the course of three years. Members of the alliance receive Alliance-only invites to meetings with LOOKOUT's Editor in Chief and board members, as well as reserved tickets for LOOKOUT events. For those interested in joining the alliance, read more details here.

We publicly disclose all donations over $100 on our website. For a full list of donors, click here.

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