A Democrat's history of promoting far-right Republicans

A democrat running a progressive campaign has not-so-progressive ties, we found.

A Democrat's history of promoting far-right Republicans
In this week's newsletter: LOOKOUT exposes a candidate with suspicious support for Republicans; Politicization of LGBTQ+ people puts future art exhibits into question; 1864 abortion ban repeal passes the House; And a brand new Out of the Closet to win free swag.


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MAGA DEMOCRAT: Last Friday, we published a story alongside our friends at the Arizona Agenda that exposed how Mario Garcia, a Democrat running against LGBTQ+ Legislative Caucus member Rep. Analise Ortiz, had a history of questionable support for Kari Lake and other conservatives.  

In our story, we were able to show that Garcia had posted and reshared events hosted by Lake, as well as posed for a photo with her on his Facebook page. Garcia's former Campaign Director Patrick Morales said that him posing with Lake doesn't mean he endorsed her.

But after a Republican lawmaker tipped us off that the photo with Lake was taken at a legislative event for Republicans, Morales issued a statement saying he was lied to, and that his firm would no longer represent Garcia. Read our full story here.

WHAT WE’RE KEEPING AN EYE ON: Had Garcia run as a Republican, it probably wouldn't have caught our eye, or even been worth reporting on. As an investigative and accountability-based news outlet, we're not trying to compete with other papers when it comes to the 2024 election horse race.

But when there's something off with a candidate who is running a progressive campaign based on civil rights, while also running against a member of one of the few LGBTQ+ house members, it then became our business to look into Garcia.

We are nonpartisan and have no financial or editorial benefit in the outcome of the race. But we do have a vested interest in the transparency of people and organizations that claim to represent us.

As the state's only LGBTQ+ news outlet focused on keeping people within and outside our community accountable to you (our readers), we love to get tips on what (or who) you think we should look into. Email us by clicking here to send us tips.

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  • GUILTY: Two Turning Point USA members admitted guilt to assaulting David Boyles, a queer professor at ASU. They will undergo court diversion programs. The Guardian
  • SUMMER EVENTS: LOOKOUT will host a series of summer panels aimed at addressing problems within the community and elevate solutions addressing them. Annual subscribers get first dibs on tickets. LOOKOUT
  • VETO QUEEN: Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed another anti-LGBTQ+ ban aimed at transgender students. AZ Mirror
  • ALLEGED RETALIATION: The house voted to repeal the 1864 territorial-era abortion ban. That bill will go to the Senate for a full vote. But Rep. Lorena Austin (D.-Mesa) said on her Instagram that in an act of retaliation, Republicans removed LGBTQ+ Legislative Caucus leader Rep. Oscar De Los Santos (D.-Phoenix) removed him from the appropriations committee. Instagram

  • LGBTQ+ ART: With the increased politicization of LGBTQ+ people, art and museum directors are worried about funding for future programs. The Washington Blade
  • BOOK BANS Of the top 10 books banned in the U.S., seven of them highlight LGBTQ+ themes or characters, according to the American Library Association. News Is Out
  • REPEALING LANGUAGE: The United Methodist Church is meeting this week to discuss removing anti-LGBTQ+ language from their geaneral teachings and rulebook. NPR


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