A strong first week for LOOKOUT

How's it going? Pretty good, but we want to do better.

Last weekend, we announced that LOOKOUT would officially launch in January next year. Our first post from our executive editor received over 400 views and, as a result, we gained close to 200 subscriptions, with a quarter of them being paid subscriptions.

This is great! But it’s not progress.

What progress looks like, is a unique partnership between LOOKOUT and Equality AZ to provide weekly legislative updates on important bills being proposed in the state and locally. Progress has also looked like teaming up with the Anti-Violence Project of NY to gather data on intimate partner violence within the state, so we can provide you detailed information and reporting. Progress also looks like engaging with writers, photographers, and other entrepreneurs within Phoenix and across Arizona who have reached out to try and help expand coverage of issues you won’t find anywhere else.

This week, we have the ambitious goal of expanding outreach to pride groups across the Valley, to try and achieve 500 subscriptions (paid or unpaid), and schedule our first listening session to see what stories you want covered.

You can help! Gift a subscription to a friend! (You can get one for 60% off through the end of January 2023). Or forward this email to your work groups, family, or business friends so that more people can learn about this exciting new coverage in Phoenix.

Also, our search for board members starts this week. We want to be sure we have a completely diverse board across gender spectrums, and geographic locations. Are you someone who is interested in joining a board that not only helps to oversee finances, but also is eager to see this kind of coverage in your Phoenix neighborhood or community, and wants to make sure it is included? Email us at: lookoutphx@gmail.com.

Thank you for all your support, and keep an eye out in your email for LOOKOUT’s first report in January.


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