A queer news site? Fab.

A queer news site? Fab.

We're not a typical news site. We started LOOKOUT in 2022 because we saw that there needed to be a new way to tell stories about LGBTQ+ people, beyond simply Pride parades and drag shows (though we love that those exist).

Instead, we wanted to create an outlet that had accountability news as its main mission, not an afterthought.

LOOKOUT is a multi-disciplinary organization that’s mission is to deliver fearless journalism, content, and events with the unified purpose of improving and expanding LGBTQ+ representation on the national news stage, and building strength and engaging LGBTQ+ communities (and their allies) in the queer experience.

Our vision is to inspire and hasten a queer experience that’s liberated from injustice and delivers on the promise of equal respect, rights, and opportunity for all people — while also holding those who perpetuate queer domination to journalistic account.

We bring together communities by activating them, and making sure that queer news is — to use newspaper terminology — "above the fold."

What does that mean? It means you can expect to see our work in local papers and national news websites, working side-by-side with other reporters at different outlets to make sure you get premiere LGBTQ+ news wherever you trust it most.

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