Arizona counselors use “sex addiction” to practice conversion therapy, critics say.

A LOOKOUT investigation finds that a specific group of religious-based counselors are possibly violating their certifications and licenses.

Arizona counselors use “sex addiction” to practice conversion therapy, critics say.
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Jeffrey Hansen says he treats “porn addiction.” 

It’s not a recognized diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association—nor is any kind of sexual addiction promoted by self-described “sex addiction counselors”—but that hasn’t stopped Hansen, a licensed psychologist in Arizona who works with youth, from promoting it as a way to treat people who have difficulty with sexual compulsions. 

Hansen believes that pornography can lead people to falsely identify as gay or trans. Hansen authored a paper and a book urging parents to prevent their trans children from transitioning: “Find a counselor or psychologist/psychiatrist who does not follow the gender affirmative paradigm as the sole treatment option,” he wrote. 

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