Joseph Darius Jaafari (he/him)

Joseph Darius Jaafari is the founder and editor in chief of LOOKOUT.

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Yezmin Villarreal (they/them)

Yezmin Villarreal is a writer, journalist, and zinester. They are the creator of Dyke Queen, an art, style, and literature zine, that was awarded the “Issues Residency” by Hello Mr.

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Lisa Abelar (she/her)

Lisa Abelar is a longtime Arizona journalist and freelance writer based in Gilbert who seeks adventure and runs a nonprofit for domestic abuse survivors when she's not writing.

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Juliette Rihl (she/her)

Juliette Rihl is a freelance journalist focused on equity issues. She was named Pennsylvania’s emerging reporter of the year in 2021.

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Shelby Rae Wills (they/she)

Shelby Rae Wills moved to Phoenix in 2022 to pursue their Master’s degree in Investigative Journalism. They taught English in California and in Eastern Europe through the Peace Corps.

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Yana Kunichoff (she/her)

Yana Kunichoff is a journalist based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been an education reporter for The Arizona Republic and Chalkbeat Chicago, and an editor for both Migratory Notes and The Moscow Times

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Em Hobeheidar is a freelance journalist, musician, and fiction ghostwriter focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and sci-fi fantasy stories.

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Geri Koeppel (she/her)

Geri Koeppel is a veteran writer and editor who has worked and lived in Phoenix, San Francisco and Detroit.

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Hank Stephenson (he/him)

Hank Stephenson is the co-founder of the Arizona Agenda. Hank has covered Arizona for national outlets like The New York Times, Politico Magazine and Columbia Journalism Review.

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