This April 2, invest in local news.

On April 2, LOOKOUT is participating in an annual state-wide give-a-thon through Arizona Gives Day.

Through peer-to-peer campaigns and individual engagement, we are attempting to reach an ambitious but attainable $20,000.

What are we fundraising for?

LOOKOUT delivers fearless journalism for and about the LGBTQ+ community across Arizona. We are the only news outlet in the state exclusively focused on queer people and their issues, as well as the only investigative LGBTQ+ news outlet in the southwest region.

Every week, we put out two newsletters with original reporting as well as at least one story that holds lawmakers, business owners, and powerful individuals to account.

Our work is completely free to the public, but that doesn't make it cheap.

We pay above the industry-standard for our work, which means that the average cost of a story you're reading on our site is upwards of $1,200, including pay to writers and editors.

What can I do? How can I help?

For those that have the funds, we are asking individuals to give $250 or more to our campaign. For people who donate that much and more, we are giving away free swag packs including our concert-friendly fanny packs, tee shirts, a hat, stickers, pins, an exclusive riso-print by local queer artist SaturnHex, and copies of our latest magazine.

But we understand that not everyone can give that much, and that's OK! If we can get 400 people to give $50, we'd easily hit our goal.

For those who want to help even more (or who enjoy a bit of competition), we are giving people who want to fundraise for us exclusive prizes for our top-three fundraisers. We are putting those together right now, but think: spa days, resort packages, exclusive art, flowers and dinner, etc.

To start a campaign, click "Create a Fundraiser" on this page here.

Have questions? Email us here.

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