Blame the gays.

Educators say the culture wars against LGBTQ+ people is effecting curriculum.

Blame the gays.
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In this week's newsletter: Sex education in Arizona is notoriously poor, turns out it has a lot to do with homophobia; LOOKOUT is really popular!; The Vatican apologizes; Grindr's coming to Phoenix; A brand new Out of the Closet to win free swag!; and last month's winner!

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Earlier this year, LOOKOUT embarked on a simple task to understand what gaps existed in the state's sexual education curriculum across school districts.

Turns out, a lot.

We surveyed 18 school districts from urban to rural regions that accounted for just under a quarter of the state's total school-aged population. We found that tens of thousands of students were not being offered sex education at all.

When we tried to understand why, educators said it was either out of fear of being targeted by far-right groups or lawmakers, or the political rhetoric surrounding gender and sexuality that has made it too much of a hot-button issue.

As a result, not only are LGBTQ+ students not getting evidence-based education on their bodies or sexual health, but it's having an impact on the education of other students.

Nate Rhoton, CEO of the LGBTQ+ youth advocacy group One-n'-Ten said: “By simply ignoring our community through education, you're doing a lot more harm to all students.”

WHAT WE'RE KEEPING AN EYE ON: Our reporter, Shelby Rae Wills, has been working to understand how the state's sex education curriculum affects people. But we've had a difficult time hearing directly from you. If you're from Arizona and went to school here, or if you're the parent of a school-aged child, let's chat!

We want to know your stories. We currently have a survey that you can take anonymously if you are a student or recently graduated. We also have another survey that you can take if you're a parent.

But we'd also love to learn how sex education framed your life, for good or bad. If you'd like to be included in some of our reporting coming up (or even if you just want to tell us a bit about your experience with no expectation of it being published), either respond back to this email or send a message to our reporter at:

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  • YOU REALLY LIKE US: LOOKOUT took home TWO public choice awards last week, including one that came with a $10,000 prize from the NEXT Media Challenge. Thank you to all who voted! PhxPride
  • HONEST APPROACH: Organizers with the state's abortion ballot measure aren't trying to sugarcoat the language around abortion. And there's areason for it. The 19th
  • PALE BLUE DOT: In dead-red country of Arizona, a queer candidate is trying to run against a notoriously homophobic incumbent. Copper Courier
  • TAKEI WINS: Arizona resident and pop-culture icon George Takei is winning an award from the Critics Choice Association for using his celebrity to promote LGBTQ+ rights and marriage equality. AsAmNews

  • A TEXAS UPSET: A Democratic incumbent who signed onto anti-trans legislation was ousted during the state primaries this week to a queer candidate, Lauren Ashley Simmons. Washington Blade
  • YOUR F*GGOTNESS: The Pope apologized after using a slur to refer to gay priests. Associated PRess
  • BREASTFEEDING: The American Society of Pediatrics announced new guidance for parents who are HIV-positive and breastfeeding. If their viral load is undetectable, then trasmission is "very low." them


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