Diversity matters, even in news

News has a problem with reporting on communities through a very specific lens. And even though the industry is more diverse now than it's ever been, news outlets are still dominated by people who either have an old-guard way of reporting.

It used to be that reporters should treat each story as an anthropologist, just there to observe. But without context and lived experience, a lot of stories miss the mark.

That's why we are an LGBTQ+ outlet made up of queer news professionals and their allies.

But even then, reporters and editors have blindspots. That's why in 2023, LOOKOUT announced an initiative to create its own diversity database of queer professionals across Arizona who could be sources for stories.

From housing, to drug use, to medical needs, to business – we want to make sure your voice and expertise is heard. If you're interested in adding yourself to our diversity database, submit your info below and we'll be in contact with you.

All your information will be kept in this database, which can be accessed by the public starting in 2024.

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