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Letter from the Editor-

Happy Friday, LOOKOUT readers!

I hope your Juneteenth holiday was restful and you had some time to celebrate with friends and family—or just take a day to do nothing!

I spent the holiday (and the whole week, really) driving all around Arizona, so much so that I've logged roughly the length of the United States in mileage on my car. I've been doing this for two reasons:

1- We can't always afford a photographer to take photos for our stories, and instead of paying someone less than what they're worth (a common practice in newsrooms) we simply do it ourselves. I've been photographing people from a forthcoming story that we can't wait for you to read in mid-July.

2- If you remember last week, we mentioned that our third edition of LOOKOUT Magazine is available. Because we have a limited budget, we try to be strategic with where we place our zines that are free to the public. We scout out coffee shops, music venues, tea rooms, libraries, or medical offices in rural and suburban places where we know LGBTQ+ people and their allies visit, and where they feel safe to read about their community. Jake and I have been dropping stacks of magazines in locations just like those in our travels across the state.

Why do we do this? Because Arizona is pretty damn gay. We have the fourth largest trans adult population and the the 14th largest LGBTQ+ population. We exist everywhere around here, and we want to make sure news for our community isn't concentrated in just Phoenix and Tucson.

Do you know of a place where I should put our magazines? Respond back to this email and let me know!

-Joseph Darius Jaafari


There's only one week left to check out some incredible queer-made art made by locals and curated by the team at thems. We went to the gallery opening at the beginning of the month to see the local art on display and its quite fabulous. The art is being housed inside Afternoons Studios in Phoenix till the end of the month.


Have a community event coming up you want LOOKOUT to highlight? Email us.

  • Fri. June 21 - Crescent Ballroom is putting on a Chappell Roan dance party. Info
  • Fri. June 21- Gracie's Tax bar is throwing a queer goth night. Info
  • Sat. June 22 - Jews for Pride are holding a Pride Shabbat Bagel Lunch. Info
  • Sat. June 22- The Tucson folks at Queer AF are holding a Pride pool party at the AC Hotel. Info
  • Sun. June 23- The Valley Ho is putting on a pool party in benefit of Phoenix Pride. Info
  • Sun. June 23- Lets Get Real Counseling is hosting a workshop for people recovering from religious trauma. Info
  • Wed. June 26 - The group at thems is putting together another Fruity Poetry Night. Info
  • Thurs. June 27 - Join SW Center in event to celebrate your health and wellness at the Parson's Center. Info
  • Thurs. June 27 - PEN America is hosting a conversation at Bookman's in Phoenix on debunking misinformation, including surrounding and within the LGBTQ+ community. Info
  • Fri. June 28- Tucson's Queer AF crew puts on an open mic night at the Downtown Clifton. Info
  • Sat. June 29- Navajo Nation Pride holds their festival and market in Window Rock, Ariz. Info
  • Sat. June 29 -Your Health is a doing a trans physical therapy session at their opening at The Royale. Info
  • Wed. July 3 - Fluid Array Foundation holds a "Bliss-Out," a safe space to come and open up (or just listen) about gender expression and sexuality. Info
  • Sun. July 7 - Marigold is doing a Sunday storytelling event at Afternoons Studios. Info


Same thing as our "Out of the Closet" game, just with a new name! Play "The Weekly Kiki" every week to be entered into our monthly drawing for exclusive LOOKOUT swag. The more times you play, the more chances you get to win! The next drawing will be May 30. Rules: Without the LGBTQ+ community, there’s less meaning. Guess the word below with only the support of the letters L, G, B, T, Q, I, A and submit your answer

I_T_ _ _ _ _

*Hint: This group of people have been added to the Progress Pride flag in the form of a yellow patch with a purple circle. They're also the "I" in LGBTQIA.

Last Week's answer: FLAGSTAFF

Last week's winner: Sheila K (Phoenix)

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