MONTHLY ROUNDUP: Stories you might have missed from LOOKOUT in January

From anti-LGBTQ+ legislation to abuse of a gay male couple in Queen Creek, here are all the things we published. ALSO... a NEW Eyes on the State!

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A protester at the capitol protest on Jan. 22, 2023. Photo exclusive for LOOKOUT by Moses Martínez.

How a gay couple in Queen Creek sparked an intense debate (and assaults) on flags in one of Phoenix’s most sprawling suburbs:

A gay couple in Queen Creek decided to put up an LGBQT+ pride flag outside their home. Now, they’re getting death threats, harassed by neighbors, and targeted by conservative media.

A Gay Couple is Being Run Out From Their Queen Creek Home

In his bill SB1034, Kavanagh offered legislation that would strike down a current law that forbids homeowners’ associations from banning specific flags—such as the Gadsden, Arizona Indian Nations, or U.S. flag—to an extension for all flags, unless they are “obscene, defamatory or likely to incite violence.”

In response, one of Arizona’s most popular morning radio show hosts spent two full episodes railing against the couple, calling them “bad gays” and used homophobic language to deride LGBTQ+ people.

A rock n’ roll radio show host railed against gay men for more than thirty minutes on-air. The network aired it, anyways.
An earlier version of this art…

Read our entire coverage of evangelical conservatives in the legislature pushing anti-LGBTQ+ bills:

Sen. Anthony Kern, who is part of the state’s far-right “Freedom Caucus” that courts to evangelical voters.

The state’s far-right “Freedom Caucus” has introduced 11 bills targeting trans kids and drag shows. Among the most prolific sponsors of those bills is Sen. John Kavanagh from Fountain Hills, who has for more than a decade tried to eliminate rights and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community.

How a conservative senator seeks to hamper the LGBTQ+ movement
Last week, we reported on the religious exemptions outlined in one of the state’s newest proposed bill, SB1001, which aims to reduce the ability for genderqueer students to express themselves. The sponsor of that bill, John Kavanagh from Fountain Hills, is also taking the bill a step further, by also trying to eliminate nicknames of people, unless they are derivatives of their name assigned at birth.

Among the bills proposed by Kavanagh is giving religious preference to teachers and staff in schools who have a deeply held belief that trans people shouldn’t exist.

Religion wins over LGBTQ+ students' rights (for now).
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Our coverage on the drag and trans march in downtown Phoenix:

In response to the state’s push of anti-LGBTQ+ bills by Senate and House Republicans, protesters from a whole range of queer identities showed up outside the state Capitol. We were there to capture people’s voices:

A community's response to the state's anti-trans bills? "Fuck this."
In a show of force against the state’s far-right Republican caucus, drag kings and queens, trans men and women, nonbi…

Included in the protest was a trans teenager from Chandler, Arizona who said that the media—and by extension legislators and parents—weren’t listening to kids effected by the bills. Read our exclusive Q&A:

A Chandler teen describes the impact of the state's anti-trans legislation
Last week, both the senate Education and Judicial committees moved forward with two anti-trans bills that would directly effect students and teachers who try to teach about gender identity issues wit…


LOOKOUT is diving into safety inside of Phoenix’s LGBTQ+ community. To start off on our reporting, read our piece on how the state’s anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed have caused fear inside the city’s community:

A 911 call to a gay bar underscores the rising fear in Phoenix's queer community.
During LOOKOUT’s launch month, we are making our weekly newsletters free to all. If you’re enjoying our mission-driven news coverage of LGBTQ+ issues and solutions, consider a monthly or yearly subsc…


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