Help us learn what's being taught in schools.

We're asking students and parents to help us understand what sex education looks like in their classrooms.

Help us learn what's being taught in schools.

In this week's newsletter: We need your help in figuring out what's happening inside school districts; Arizona's abortion ban delayed until September; A teacher was fired for being gay; It's your last chance to vote for LOOKOUT; And a brand new Out of the Closet to win free swag!


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An advertisement in Tucson's Western Express for the country fair. May 1983 (Photo from AZ Gay History)

STUDY HALL: Hi readers. My name is Shelby Rae Wills. I'm an accountability fellow at LOOKOUT. I'm writing the top of our newsletter today because I need your help. Specifically, I need you to tell me what you know about sex education in your school district.

Covering this subject has been all about strategy and making sure we're getting a full understanding of what the curriculum looks like across the state. To do that, I geographically divided the state into eight equal sections and selected two unified school districts from each section. I submitted records requests for these districts about their sex education programs and policies, and waited.

Since then, I've dove into legislation to understand how it works on the bureaucratic side. I've spoken with superintendents, attended district sex ed committee meetings in the East Valley, and have been interviewing organizers involved in sex education across the state.

It's crucial to continue understanding sex education in Arizona’s public schools because it directly impacts the well-being and future of students, especially those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Providing inclusive sex education equips young people with essential knowledge about their bodies, relationships, consent, and health, fostering informed and responsible decision-making.

WHAT I'M KEEPING AN EYE ON: I’m asking parents, students, and recent graduates to participate in a two-minute survey that is vital for continuing to report on this topic. Talking to decision-makers is only part of the story; I need to hear from the people and families directly impacted by these policies. Your perspective is essential to understanding what is happening inside Arizona public schools and where improvements can be made.

Parents and guardians—as primary stakeholders—deserve to know what is being taught and to have a say in the educational content that affects their children. Their input can highlight gaps or issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, feedback from youth provides firsthand insight into the effectiveness and reception of the sex education they receive.

If you are or know of a parent of a student or a recent graduate, or if you're someone aged 14-24 years old, please fill out our surveys below. And if you’d like to share your story, please reach out to me at

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  • BAN DELAY: The state's strict abortion ban will be pushed back another 90 days to the end of September. Arizona Mirror
  • DO ASK, DO TELL: Calif. Democratic Congressman Mark Takano is attempting to establish a commission that would look at the effects of the nation's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy on service members. Bay Area Reporter
  • DISMISSED: A Maine parent sued her school district, claiming teachers promoted her child to change genders. Teachers offered the student chest binders and addressed them using different pronouns than the ones used at home. The court dismissed the ruling. Associated Press
  • FIRED FOR BEING GAY: A school teacher who was planning to marry his same-sex partner was fired because it went against the Catholic teachings at the school he worked at. Fourth Circuit Court


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  • Tues. June 4- Chandler Pride is hosting the Queer Human Library, a storytelling event for the queer community. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - Queer AF hosts a Pride Party at Hotel Congress. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network fundraiser is being held at the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino. Info


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Hint: Tucson's queer-focused newspaper published in the 80's, which focused on the HIV/AIDS communities in the Southwest. (Another hint: scroll up to the top.)

Last Week's Answer: Tracey "Africa" Norman

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