Stories from April you might have missed, but definitely need to read

From Proud Boys showing up at charity shows, to Kris Mayes' proposed rules to end a ban on gay male blood donation... here are the stories LOOKOUT published in April.

Protesters march outside the state capitol against the state’s anti-trans bills. (Photo by Moses Martinez)

April was a busy month for LOOKOUT. We followed the city council meetings in Cottonwood to see what was happening with a touring charity drag show that was met with fierce opposition from Proud Boys, and started an initiative to create more diversity in news sourcing. Check out the stories below.

At Rainbows Festival in Phoenix, safety was top of mind

Dubbed “Arizona’s Greatest Street Fair,” Rainbow Festival typically draws a crowd of over 25,000 people every year. This year the festival took on a greater significance, given the national and state tension over LGBTQ+ news in the media.

LOOKOUT’s President in Voyage Magazine

It’s been a struggle, but a worthy one. LOOKOUT is still very much in its infancy, but it’s punching above its weight. The stories we have published so far have gained national and local attention. And even though we’re small and new, when we’ve attended our local pride events, people know about us and thank us for the coverage we’re providing.

Read the full interview here.

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A change to the national blood ban

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes along with 21 other state Attorneys Generals signed a letter on March 31st in support of the Food and Drug Administration's new proposed guidance that would ease restrictions for gay and bisexual men to donate blood and plasma, after a 40-year ban.

Proud Boys fought back against charity

In the small town of Cottonwood, a touring drag show meant to raise awareness and bring queer visibility to rural Arizona was met with fierce opposition from paramilitary groups.

A charity drag show in Arizona clashed with Proud Boys and Christian nationalists
A rural drag show that raises money for charity was met with outrage among Christian nationalists and far-right protesters this past weekend, including members of Proud Boys and Oathkeepers—groups that were involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection that attempted to overturn the election of President Joe Biden.

Students showed out for trans rights and against school boards

“We have to realize we are students up against adults, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. Right now we are all here in solidarity and we will all make a change,” said one student, speaking into a megaphone.

The trans athlete bans,  AZ’s top education official, is not about trans rights

After two students filed a lawsuit against the state for banning them from playing in school sports, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne went on to say the lawsuit was bogus, and that the ban on trans students had nothing to with with LGBTQ+ rights.

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