Want to sit on our board?

We are less than a month out from launch, and we want to be sure we have great coverage in our first few issues.

We have our first newsletter writer in place, and now we’re focusing on securing our board.

We want to bring on people who can either donate to the LOOKOUT brand, either in kind — through event spaces, art and design, printing, distribution, networking, and fundraising — or in a financial donation ($2,000+). The board will meet every month, and we are asking for a minimum of 12 hours of work throughout the year, which would include the board meetings and occasional LOOKOUT events.

We’ve estimated our monthly costs to be around $2,000, including paying for our quarterly magazine, writers, artists, and photographers. We need a board who is willing to act as financial oversight, but also an advisory committee to make sure we are covering the issues that need to be covered, and help with the overall messaging of LOOKOUT.

Unlike a regular board, we are looking for people who are devoted to LOOKOUT’s mission of bringing queer-focused local news to the forefront of legislator’s, community leader’s, and individual’s minds.

We are aiming to have the board be a true cross-section of identities and geographies, as well as industries.

If you think you are this person, or know of someone who might be a good fit, please email your resume and what you can bring to the table to:


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