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Letter from the Editor.

Happy Friday, LOOKOUT readers-

I've been in Toronto for Pride week since Monday, and I have to say it's nice to be back in a city where the entire metro area celebrates with us; we're not simply relegated to a day, a fenced off park, or a walk down a non-major side street.

It's these kinds of travels to cities where I recognize how far behind Arizonans are with celebrating its various populations, and how much work we at LOOKOUT have to do in changing hearts and minds about who makes up our community.

Yes, I know what many of you will say (and have said to me): Arizona is not New York or California, and we will never be when it comes to open acceptance and celebration of LGBTQ+ people.

But that's why we created LOOKOUT. We wanted to make an organization that believed Arizona could become that. For 17 months, we have worked to make this state a place that doesn't just welcome us, but celebrates us. We want leaders of the cities where we exist to want to show off their support, not hide us or simply allow us to exist.

Unfortunately, we have a long way to go before that happens. But we don't have to wait until then to celebrate each other! What did you do this Pride month that you found joyful? Or where did you go where you felt celebrated? Respond back to this email and let me know.

-Joseph Darius Jaafari


Last week, I volunteered to do drag for the first time in Los Angeles to help fundraise for the local chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association at Akbar in Silverlake. Altogether, we raised $500 for queer journalists, and I was able to debut my drag persona: Abortia Clinique. Yes, it's crass. But not all drag is meant to be pretty (as evidenced in picture above).


Have a community event coming up you want LOOKOUT to highlight? Email us.

  • Fri. June 28 - Tucson's Queer AF crew puts on an open mic night at the Downtown Clifton. Info
  • Sat. June 29 - Navajo Nation Pride holds their festival and market in Window Rock, Ariz. Info
  • Sat. June 29 - The Prism Network in Prescott holds their annual Pride picnic in the park. Info
  • Sat. June 29 -Your Health is a doing a trans physical therapy session at their opening at The Royale. Info
  • Sun. June 30 - Semillas Arizona has a movement art night. Info
  • Sun. June 30 - The folks at Every Body Lifting Club has a musical-themed workout session. Info
  • Wed. July 3 - Fluid Array Foundation holds a "Bliss-Out," a safe space to come and open up (or just listen) about gender expression and sexuality. Info
  • Sun. July 7 - Marigold is doing a Sunday storytelling event at Afternoons Studios. Info
  • Thurs. July 11- Stacey's on Melrose hosts a fetish ball. Info
  • Fri. July 19 - Dirty Bits has another performance. To sign up to perform, visit their Instagram. Info


Same thing as our "Out of the Closet" game, just with a new name! Play "The Weekly Kiki" every week to be entered into our monthly drawing for exclusive LOOKOUT swag. The more times you play, the more chances you get to win! The next drawing will be May 30. Rules: Without the LGBTQ+ community, there’s less meaning. Guess the word below with only the support of the letters L, G, B, T, Q, I, A and submit your answer by replying to this email.

_A_ _ _
_ _LB_

*Hint: This Arizona Republican was the second openly gay congressional leader elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. He came out as gay in 1996 after voting for the Defense of Marriage Act, which barred same-sex couples from being recognized by the Federal government.

Last Week's answer: INTERSEX

Last week's winner: Anne M., Jamie H. (Phoenix), Zoe S., Sheila K. (Phoenix)

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