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Hello again, readers! You won't normally have to hear so much from me in a single week, but because we're switching some stuff around in our newsletters, we're being extra sure you know what we're doing so you're not thrown off guard when you get two newsletters a week from us, instead of one.

But I also wanted to give a bit of background on me, and explain why we broke out our original newsletter to its own standalone weekly email.

I grew up in Arizona. My roots are here, whether I like it or not. I'm an East Valley kid from Mesa: I went to Booker T. Washington Elementary before going to Arizona School for the Arts, and then Dobson High School. I was in the Phoenix Boys' Choir and the Mesa Youth Symphony growing up. My father and step-mother ran a humble Persian restaurant at Thomas and 15th avenues. And my mother worked as an elementary school nurse in Laveen, while my step-father worked at the Proctor & Gamble plant making horse fiber and gelatin.

But I often tell people I "escaped" Arizona soon after high school, and there was a reason: I didn't feel safe or welcome being a gay Middle Eastern man here, and I didn't feel like I could have a community here.

After years of finding myself in West Hollywood, I eventually popped back home briefly to attend two semesters at Scottsdale Community College before moving to New York for schooling and to live the rest of my life away from this state.

In that time, I learned my definition of community: It was finding commonality and shared purpose among people who were ethnically, religiously, economically, and physically different from me. That's when I learned to love our community, embrace it, and celebrate it as something special that needed protection and cultivation. It's also why I came back home.

This newsletter aims to help. When we spoke with more than 400 of you last year, many of you said you didn't feel there was a community in Arizona, but you wanted one to exist. So, every week we're putting together a calendar of LGBTQ+-exclusive events where you can go find others like (or not like) you. You can go make friends, understand each other a bit more, and start building the community you want here.

This isn't going to solve for everything, but it's a small thing that we can do every week to help find your tribe. As always, feel free to reach out and tell us your thoughts!

-Joseph Darius Jaafari


The "dating" app Grindr made a pitstop in Phoenix on Monday with their dedicated tour bus named "Bussy." The event gave away free subscriptions for the app as well as signed people up and educated them on PrEP (the HIV-prevention treatment) as well as Doxy-PEP, which reduces chances of catching some STI's by 70%.


Have a community event coming up you want LOOKOUT to highlight? Email us.

  • Fri. June 7 - During First Friday, Palabras Bookstore is hosting a queer Open Mic night. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - Join LOOKOUT and The Arizona Agenda in our first of six "Summer of Solutions" sessions where we get to meet as a community to discuss important issues, and leave with tools to make them better. The event's seating is sold out, but it is still open to the public for standing room only. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - Go Salt River Tubing with your new-found queer family at FreeBirdz. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - Boycott gets cheeky and hosts a U-HAUL party at 8 p.m. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - If you're in Tucson craving to watch some vogue and exceptional local talent, head to Hotel Congress for Club Pride. Info
  • Sat. June 8 - The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network fundraiser is being held at the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino. Info
  • Sun. June 9 - Learn all about Arizona's LGBTQ+ history with Marshall Shore at the Burton Barr Library. He'll also be at the Salt River Tribal Library next Thursday. Info
  • Tues. June 11 - One-n'-Ten is working with Always AZ to offer legal advice on name changes, and other issues for LGBTQ+ youth. Info
  • Tues. June 11 - One-n'-Ten puts on a young authors night with authors Sonora Reyes and Bill Konigsberg. Info
  • Tues. June 11 - Trans Spectrum AZ has in-person peer support in Phoenix. Info
  • Fri. June 14 - If you're in northern Arizona, check out the Flagstaff Pride Film Festival in collaboration with Flagstaff Pride, the Flagstaff Film Festival, and Arizona Women's Film Festival. Info
  • Thurs. June 27 - Join SW Center in event to celebrate your health and wellness at the Parson's Center. Info
  • Fri. June 28- Tucson's Queer AF crew puts on an open mic night at the Downtown Clifton. Info
  • Sat. June 29- Navajo Nation Pride holds their festival and market in Window Rock, Ariz. Info


Same thing as our "Out of the Closet" game, just with a new name! Play "The Weekly Kiki" every week to be entered into our monthly drawing for exclusive LOOKOUT swag. The more times you play, the more chances you get to win! The next drawing will be May 30. Rules: Without the LGBTQ+ community, there’s less meaning. Guess the word below with only the support of the letters L, G, B, T, Q, I, A and submit your answer

_ _ _T_
_A_ _ _ _

*Hint: This brash lesbian was famous for her performances at the Pomp Room in Phoenix before releasing her acclaimed comedy album "Knockers Up!"

Last Week's answer: CABARET

Last week's winners: Clark O. (Phoenix); Sheila K (Phoenix); Bruce A. (Gilbert); Todd L. (Phoenix); Ed B. (Prescott); Matt S. (Phoenix);

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