West Phoenix Dem candidate cozies up with anti-LGBTQ+ politician

Mario Garcia is taking pictures with an out-of-state House of Representatives candidate whose platform includes "traditional marriage" values.

West Phoenix Dem candidate cozies up with anti-LGBTQ+ politician
A photo at the Arizona Senate Building with Mario Garcia, a Democratic Senate candidate for LD24, posing alongside Felipe Rios, an Indiana Republican House of Representatives candidate.

Arizona Senate candidate for the western region of Phoenix Mario Garcia posed for numerous pictures alongside an Indiana Republican who is campaigning for a seat in his state promoting anti-LGBTQ+ laws, including a ban same-sex marriage.

Garcia is a Maryvale resident who hopes to push Rep. Annalise Ortiz out during the primaries later this month. Ortiz currently represents the region in the House of Representatives and is also a member of the LGBTQ+ caucus.

LOOKOUT and the Arizona Agenda previously identified Garcia as being friendly with other far-right candidates such as Kari Lake. The recent photos show his relationship with another far-right candidate continues.

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